• The meaning of communication 

    is in what's received, not in what's given.

    Sometimes others just don't hear what we think we said. How do we fix that?

    Will Wilkinson

    I've been a professional communicator all my life and will always be fascinated to learn what works and doesn't work in our verbal, written, and multi media interactions.

    Whether it's a large public presentation, one on one conversations, or communication in a small group of leaders working on something important together, clear communication is vital. It begins with listening, not just hearing, and having empathy for others, especially those who think, speak, believe, and act differently than we do.
    The world is facing one crisis after another, as are many individuals. Now, more than ever, we need clear communication skills, so we can meet those challenges together and help others learn how to support each other in ways that leverage the unique skills we all have to achieve goals that work for all of us.
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