• Living on purpose

    "In 2020, to acknowledge the crises of these times, I've made three fundamental adjustments:


    1. I help people who want to create a better future.

    2. I teach every client my StageFlight 3-step system.

    3. Clients choose what they pay. Details below.


    "I've written collaboratively for decades and grown to love the intimate experience of word-smithing together. I also enjoy teaching the nuances of effective writing, from emails to books.


    "I got my start in public life at age 11 singing country and western songs on a weekly television show in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Fortunately for all of us, I moved on! I graduated to teaching and training and interviews and key note presentations. I learned how to hold an audience, to speak with them, rather than to them. This developed into my StageFlight public speaking training program.


    "If you have something the world needs to read and hear, I'd enjoy helping you become more effective at doing that. To explore if working together would be beneficial, click below to schedule a free 30-minute phone call." - Will Wilkinson

  • What Clients are Saying

    “Thank you for the generous gift of your time and talent. I am so used to helping others that it is a real treat to have your support. I really appreciate your imaginative use of visualization techniques.”

    - Becky Cotton, Internal Coaching,

    Google, Inc

    "Drawing on his deep intuition and profound listening skills, Will offers an extensive range of tools that always lead to deeper, often surprising, awareness and insights. Will is a wonderful coach who I highly recommend."

    - Sharon Almeida, BC Canada.

    "In his book Now or Never, Will Wilkinson guides readers through mind reclaiming exercises to restore personal consciousness, in concert with the magnificent interactive play of the universe."

    - Geoff Tisch, Founder of Educo Adventure School, Auckland, New Zealand

    “Apprenticing with Will has completely transformed my life. I changed countries, relationships, careers, and have a long list of 'miracles' that prove his tools work. I recommend Will's guidance to absolutely everyone!”

    - Troy Edwards, Sunshine Coast, Canada

  • The Imagifi Communication System

    Over decades of listening and (public) speaking, I've developed a simple three-step system

    for communication that motivates listeners to act on what they learn.


    the data

    This is the information part

    of our presentation.

    It's usually most of the talk and overwhelms listeners who soon forget everything

    they heard.


    the simulation

    This is where we engage

    the imagination to simulate using the new data

    in personal circumstances.

    "What if ... " reveals

    innovative possibilities.


    the practice

    This is the action step.

    Readers or audience members learn a simple practice, designed to develop a new habit that they

    can integrate

    with repeated use.

  • How the G.E.S. System Works

    A new economic model designed to grow generosity.



    We discuss your needs and how I can help, agree on an initial collaboration and you pay a deposit

    of your choosing.



    We work and I provide a month-end invoice detailing work and time invested. I suggest a payment range.



    You choose the payment (minus your deposit)

    that fits your budget and fairly represents

    the value of our work.

  • Generosity inspires more generosity.

    We humans are generous by nature. Yet, somehow, modern society is characterized by extremes of poverty and wealth. Many people live from a scarcity attitude that drives them to get and keep, rather than create and share. We mouth the words, "Money won't make me happy," but keep hoping it will.


    In 1982, I opened a downtown office in Victoria, BC, Canada and began offering a range of professional services. I never charged fees. I welcomed contributions. Everyone gave freely. During the six years I worked there we never had any money problems. I've revived this practice in 2020 and given it a name: The Gift Exchange System (G.E.S.). This is now how I do business with my clients.


    I’ve been asked if people take advantage of the system. I always answer “No,” because those who pay less than they know they should don’t value what they are receiving and won’t continue. This kind of self-selection means that I always work with generous, honest people. I’ve done this enough to know that the numbers always work. What really matters is voluntarily exchanging, free from the curse of scarcity thinking.


    Anyone who’d like to dialogue with me about G.E.S. can email me here.

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