• It's now or never ...

    If there ever was a time for each of us to step up

    and provide leadership, the time is now.

  • How? By leading with our values ...


    Helping individuals, organizations, and communities thrive.


    Individual Mentoring

    Will provides a four stage process to help you start positively, engage your imagination, develop a realistic assessment of your situation, and connect your current actions with your goals.

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    Business Training

    Will provides an online program introducing the twelve essential practices for shifting your corporate mindset to "thriving", from "surviving" - developed with corporate consultant Chris Harding.

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    Community Activation

    Will provides community presentations and workshops to spark generous exchanges between neighbors, to cultivate a community of generous friends and visionary activists.

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  • Will Wilkinson

    - building thriving communities, one enthused ally at a time.

    Will Wilkinson

    Will has enthusiastically explored the big questions since childhood and has devoted his entire career to developing powerful teaching techniques that empower awaking to our incredible human potential. Author or co-author of 8 published books, presenter of hundreds of workshops, and a coach or mentor for many, Will helps individuals, organizations, and communities thrive.

    Will serves as a senior consultant with Luminary Communications, an international consulting firm based in Ashland, Oregon.
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    "It's easy to feel powerless in a world run by money in the hands of adolescent power-mongers. But all of us have unlimited power to live our values, to authentically care for each other, and to demonstrate that integrity is not on the endangered species list. Thank you for being a force for positive change in your world. We are not alone."

  • What Clients are Saying

    “Thank you for the generous gift of your time and talent. I am so used to helping others that it is a real treat to have your support. I really appreciate your imaginative use of visualization techniques.”

    - Becky Cotton, Internal Coaching,

    Google, Inc

    "Drawing on his deep intuition and profound listening skills, Will offers an extensive range of tools that always lead to deeper, often surprising, awareness and insights. Will is a wonderful coach who I highly recommend."

    - Sharon Almeida, BC Canada.

    "In his book Now or Never, Will Wilkinson guides readers through mind reclaiming exercises to restore personal consciousness, in concert with the magnificent interactive play of the universe."

    - Geoff Tisch, Founder of Educo Adventure School, Auckland, New Zealand

    “Apprenticing with Will has completely transformed my life. I changed countries, relationships, careers, and have a long list of 'miracles' that prove his tools work. I recommend Will's guidance to absolutely everyone!”

    - Troy Edwards, Sunshine Coast, Canada

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