• Imagine
    how you
    would feel if
    you were
    on purpose
    every day




  • Individual Mentoring

    Supporting individuals who are awakening to their personal gifts 

    and need help to function effectively in a world gone made.

    Will provides heart-centered mentoring: a caring attitude, highly intuitive listening skills, plus a life time of service and creativity that he has concentrated into

    Seven Quantum Practices.


    1. Something wonderful is happening.

    2. I am nature.

    3. What if?

    4. And...

    5. I say it, I see it, I feel it.

    6. I heal the past, I create the future, I enjoy the present.

    7. I am being the change I wish to see in the world.


    Find out more in a free introductory phone assessment.


    Will is taking a small number of new clients. 


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