• Imagine
    how you
    would feel if
    you were
    on purpose
    every day




  • Individual Mentoring

    Supporting individuals who are awakening to their personal gifts 

    and need help to function effectively in a world gone made.

    Deep personal change doesn't need to be difficult.


    In fact, when the time is right and guidance is available, even transformation is easy.


    Will provides the best kind of mentoring: a caring heart, highly intuitive listening skills, plus a life time of service and creativity that he has concentrated into

    Seven Quantum Activist Practices.


    "I only work with a few individuals at a time. Let's find out if you might be a candidate.


    1. Have you always known you were different and struggled to fit in?

    2. Has your ability to pretend fit in begun to fail, leaving you feeling more fraudulent and vulnerable than ever?

    3. Are you troubled by what's going on but simultaneously sense that everything is playing out as it should... and you want to play your part more consciously?

    4. Do you experience deja vu, have premonitions, unusual dreams, and at least occasionally question whether you're in a simulation, game, or dream?

    5. Are you willing to receive help and remain responsible for helping yourself?


    "Connect to set up a free phone exploration. I'm as careful about who I choose to work with as you should be."

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