• Imagine
    how you
    would feel if
    you were
    on purpose
    every day




  • Individual Mentoring

    Supporting individuals who are awakening to their personal gifts

    and need help to function effectively in a world gone made.

    Will provides heart-centered mentoring: a caring attitude, highly intuitive listening skills, plus a life time of service and creativity that he has concentrated into Seven Quantum Practices, available to clients in print and as audio programs.


    1. The power of gratitude.

    2. Reconnecting with nature.

    3. Accessing your imagination.

    4. How to shift gears in life.

    5. Creating powerful intentions that deliver results.

    6. Developing a better future from the inside out.

    7. Being the change you wish to see in the world.


    Find out more in a free introductory phone assessment. Will is taking a few new clients.

  • Now or Never - A quantum map for visionary activists

    A series of audio programs for deep meditation are available to clients, with brain balancing programming.

    The Noon Club
    Join visionary activists around the world, pausing every day at noon to focus a prayerful intention. This easy-read book is an innovative instruction manual for learning how to focus your attention into a powerful transmission through consciousness, to help build your preferred future.
    Coming soon
    Now or Never by Will T. Wilkinson (signed by author)
    "Will calls his book Now or Never because, unlike the popular majority of our modern spiritual teachers, he is unafraid to address the tremendously painful and challenging evolutionary crisis we find ourselves in and to chart a bold course of action." From the foreword by modern mystic Andrew Harvey.
    Soft cover 263 pages
    Coming soon
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