• Summer Quantum Trials - Members Section

    Welcome to those registered for our summer quantum trials.


    If you have found this page and are not registered, click here for the application form.

    Guests are welcome to listen to the programs below

    but they won't carry the same meaning without reading the book, Now or Never,

    or the support materials developed for this program.

  • Overview

    Introduction to the Seven Quantum Practices

  • Practice One

    Something wonderful is happening

  • Practice Two

    I am nature

  • Practice Three

    What if ?

  • Practice Four

    and ... ?

  • Practice Five - Vision

    Say it ... see it ... feel it

  • Practice Six - Navigation

    Heal the past, create the future, enjoy the present.

  • Practice Seven - Transmission

    Join the Noon Club and focus your transmission every day at noon: I am ... I see ... I feel

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