• Are you a writer?

    Would you call yourself an amateur or a professional? Here's the difference:


    THE AMATEUR wants to write and does when they want to.
    THE PROFESSIONAL must write and does, no matter what.
    THE AMATEUR writes for an audience.
    THE PROFESSIONAL writes what comes through.
    THE AMATEUR writes for a living (or wants to).
    THE PROFESSIONAL lives to write (and eventually gets paid).

    "I've written since my mother taught me to read at age four. I have 20 plus books in print, a number one best seller, millions of words in blogs, articles, essays, courses...


    "Now I'm mentoring aspiring writers to refine their craft."

  • Comments from a few of the writers I've worked with: 

    Christopher Harding, Founder/Senior Consultant, Luminary Communications

    Thriving in Business and Life


    Writing Thriving in Business and Life with Will was inspiring and enlivening. I always felt encouraged to innovate and our shared commitment to excellence enabled us to pivot from a completed first draft into a totally different direction. The result? Our book is used in leadership development programs all around the world with entrepreneurs and companies large and small.

    Work with Will in any capacity and you’ll end up with a great project and a rewarding relationship with a very talented writer who is also a wonderful human being.


    And you'll have a ton of fun in the process!

    Sonia Marie Romero,

    author, wellness coach and chef

    Being Well

    I am incredibly grateful for the invaluable support and guidance Will provided throughout the creation of my book, 'Being Well.' His keen editorial insights and constructive feedback not only improved the clarity and flow of my writing but also enhanced the overall impact of my message. His mentorship went beyond editing; he offered encouragement and practical advice that empowered me to refine my voice and storytelling approach. Thanks to his expertise, I feel more confident as a writer and storyteller. I would highly recommend his mentorship to any aspiring writer seeking to elevate their craft.

    Paul Deslauriers, author,

    organizational development consultant

    Reclaim Paradise


    I've worked with great writing coaches and editors over the past 48 years, while writing five published books and numerous articles. No one can compare to Will for his insight, support, and awareness of how to best convey my messages to a target audience.


    Will helped me transform difficult topics into inspirational stories that convey life lessons appealing to large audiences. If you are looking for someone to help you become a great communicator, you can't do better than Will.

    Chris Mentzel, A.I. magician

    The Science of Getting Rich (update)


    Will helped me update an old text and his insights and skills for making timeless wisdom timely were inspiring.
    Writing is especially challenging when you're trying to reach people who have set opinions about important things. Will knows how to artfully, diplomatically, and quickly introduce language that penetrates stubbornness and helps people open their minds to novel ideas.
    Will is a divinely guided writer. His clarity shines through every word. He's also fun to work with!

    Foster Gamble, Co-creator

    THRIVE movies and movement

    Will Wilkinson is an accomplished media host, author, spiritual teacher and truth seeker. He has been a friend for 20 years so I've gotten to watch him grow with the challenges we are all facing. Perhaps most importantly, Will has shown himself to be willing to risk his worldview, his reputation and his social tribe to get to the heart of the matter - an accurate diagnosis of what's in the way of humanity flourishing - and then to call it out and propose viable solutions in a common sense, even-tempered and deeply caring way. With more people like Will, humanity can indeed thrive.               

    Susan Perkins, Intuitive Coach,

    author and entrepreneur

    Not So Little Cora


    Right away I knew Will was the only choice to help me with my book because at my core I trust the intelligence of his heart and mind. It also helps that he’s a brilliant writer and editor and a joy to work with.


    Will knew how to help me craft a magical book that transports readers of all ages into a world of imagination operating on an ethical foundation that inspires goodness and hope.

    Suzanne Anderson, Psychologist,

    author and facilitator 

    You Make Your Path By Walking


    It made an enormous difference to have Will’s creative container holding me while working on the form of my first book. His loving heart, curious mind and deep
    presence helps to draw forth the book you are here to write, from the chaotic well of ideas.


    Will is a writer’s alchemist and I highly recommend him.