• 2020: A year for clear vision and focused action.

    You have a positive vision for the future.

    Can you communicate it well enough to build a movement?

    "Thank you for dropping by.


    "I'm investing my lifetime career as a professional communicator into helping individuals and organizations who have something important to say and write that can improve our world.


    "Over the decades, I've learned why most presentations about meaningful things are, sadly, ineffective. I've developed a three-step system that resolves this. It's easy to learn and master. The results are astounding. Your writing and speaking can become more interesting, more compelling, and people will actually do what you invite them to do.


    "For any individual who has made the personal commitment to improve this world, for organizations that are innovating sustainable solutions, I'm available to help you become more effective in sharing your message."


    - Will Wilkinson


    Communicating the authentic self

    is a top skill for all successful people.

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  • Become a more effective writer, public speaker, and teacher.

    You have something important to say and write.

    Learn how to communicate meaning in an effective way,

    so your audience is inspired to take action and create lasting change.


    Coaching for Writers

    I've written or contributed to 30 books, countless articles and blogs, and developed many educational courses. I can teach you how to write inspiring content, find your true voice, self-publish, and knock it out of the park for a book launch at your local book store. Learn how to write great emails, blogs that people actually read, and articles for your local paper that generate glowing letters to the editor.


    Coaching for Speakers

    I've been on stage and screen since childhood, first as an entertainer, then a personal development speaker and a trainer. I've given keynotes, conducted hundreds of live interviews, been interviewed on tv, radio, in podcasts, and teleconferences, officiated at weddings and funerals, moderated and MC'd conferences ... you name it. But I'm not a celebrity and, chances are, neither are you. Most of us live small lives. But they matter. You matter. Your unique gifts can help others, but you need communication skills to reach them.


    Master Mind Groups

    Six to eight "apprentices" meet online every week to refine speaking and writing skills. Participants are carefully chosen and each live session merges proven skills with spontaneous insights. You will learn about situational awareness, how to listen while you speak, how to create a real-time dialogue with your audience, and powerful techniques for helping people change. Which is not easy for most.


    Mentoring Life Mastery

    Since writing Attunement With Life in 1984, I've taught, coached and mentored individuals in 8 countries to find their purpose and live it fully. I can help you leverage peak learning experiences to advance your personal development and expand your social contribution. Make the most of every self-improvement program by mastering my three-step learning process that integrates epiphanies into new habits to improve quality of life dramatically. No kidding.


    Living on Purpose

    Living on Purpose is available both as a self-study course, complete with course materials (the 79-page manual in a binder with 11 audio programs), or with personal coach support.

  • Introducing the Gift Exchange System

    I've always wondered, why should a lack of money prevent great contributors from accessing my help to become even more effective?


    "Solution? I've negotiated fees and offered scholarships. It's worked. I've served those who could benefit from my services, even if they didn't have much money, while others paid more to cover them. And I've prospered in the process, creating an epic quality of life, coaching generous, wonderful people.


    "Now I don't charge for my services at all. Instead, I give freely from my lifetime of experience and clients give freely whatever $$ they decide my services are worth that fits their budget. We all succeed, and - I like to think - we're introducing a financial alternative that just might catch on! After all, the one we're stuck in truly sucks."

  • Generosity inspires more generosity.

    Before money was invented, we exchanged freely,

    honoring the obligation that giving and receiving creates.

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