• Your imagination is unlimited

    Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge.

    Create the life you want and a better future by developing your "imaginal muscles."

  • If you can think it, you can create it

    Your thoughts and beliefs are constantly creating your reality.

    Of the 12,000 - 60,000 thoughts we have have every day,
    98% are the same as yesterday and 85% are negative.

    Upgrade your operating system

    • Your personal operating system is knowledge based;
      you can upgrade it to run on imagination.
    • Your inner state creates a reflection – your reality.
    • It's exhausting to try changing your reality
      without changing your inner state.
    • Nature operates sustainably, until we interfere.
      How about learning from what's already working?
    • What would it be like to live on purpose,
      rather than accidentally?
  • Get Activated

    Four ways to take your life to the next level




    50 minute phone conversation to initiate
    the next chapter in your life,
    consciously creating with your imagination.






    50 minute phone training in the Streaming Process,

    targeting your greatest challenge, both to prevent a crisis and to artfully manage a present one.






    Eight-part program with manual and audio downloads, a self-study or guided program.


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    A long-term learning relationship to grow your life mastery skills. Includes the option for coach training.


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  • Begin the adventure

    Upgrade your life.

  • Client Comments

    “Thank you for the generous gift of your time and talent. I am so used to doing for others that it is a real treat to have your support. I really appreciate the use of visualization and advisors.”

    - Becky Cotton, Internal Coaching, Google, Inc

    "Will is an exceptional coach, insightful, innovative, able to help me live a successful, fulfilled life in every sense of those words."

    - David K. Banner PhD, Professor of Leadership, Walden University

    “I love the unique directions we take during our coaching sessions and how you use your perception and deep tool chest to help me come up with innovative solutions that always drive me forward.”

    - Rene Durazzo, Principal, All-In Strategies

    “Apprenticing with Will has completely transformed my life. I changed countries, relationships, careers, and have a long list of 'miracles' that prove this stuff works. I recommend this program to absolutely everyone!”

    - Troy Edwards, Let's Get Growing, Sunshine Coast, Canada

  • Will T Wilkinson

    A life fully lived, out beyond the edge of town

    If you're reading these words you're probably a lot like me.


    We've lived beyond the edge of town, feeling strange, not quite fitting in, struggling to figure out why we're here. We know there's a reason, we've always felt it. But the pressures of making a living have kept us busy and have frustrated our efforts to find out.


    In every book I've written, every seminar I've offered, every TV and radio interview I've done, every energy healing session I've conducted, I've always been reaching beyond the room to connect with the millions of us already synchronized in the quantum field. Long before the Internet we were connected through the Innernet. One species, one consciousness.


    Over the last decade, as I've collaborated with hundreds of aware change agents – most of them ordinary people like you and me – I've noticed dramatic shifts. Networks are merging, growing the experience of belonging together in some kind of invisible revolution. And, life has accelerated. There's an urgency to these times, in fact, we're running out of time.


    That's why I called my latest book Now or Never. It's time to graduate from self-improvement to contribution.


    Gandhi urged us to be the change we wish to see in the world. He walked his talk, personally embodying the qualities he championed and then acting with integrity. We can do the same.


    We are enduring a full blown propaganda campaign that will create a dystopian future, a nightmare we wouldn't wish on our worst enemies, let alone our grandchildren who will inherit this world, unless...


    We need a global intervention.


    We need enough of us consciously envisioning a livable future and trained to turn imagination into reality that we can confront this enthralling spell of gloom and doom head on and win.


    Nothing is inevitable. Your choices, my choices, make a difference. The big world "out there" is actually a personal reality. Change your reality and the ripple affects everything.


    We can't afford to wait for the mysterious "they" to change. This is about us. It's about you and me transmitting kindness and love and fierce protection for all living beings through every moment of our living. This is how we can create a better future together. This is the primary skill we need to learn and master.


    But it's not just an inside job. We must learn how to turn our transmission into action and results. We should have learned this in school but sure didn't. It wasn't an oversight; it was a deliberate strategy and it worked. As the film The Matrix exposes, we've been turned into batteries that power "the world that has been pulled over our eyes."


    It's time to take an active stand. It's your time. It's my time. It's now or never.


    If you are ready to activate your genius potential, so you can step into your full transmitting power, please connect. I have a life time of learning to share and proven techniques for actualizing your unique life mastery.


    The world needs what you came to contribute and it needs it now!


    Will Wilkinson

    Email me here.


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  • There's a reason we call it "spelling"

    Words that are imbued with the wisdom of life cast spells and make magic

  • Now or Never Blog

    Weekly upgrades for your new operating system

  • Upgrade Your Operating System

    Learn and adopt a new paradigm for effective living : vision first, results now.

    50 minute recorded phone session

    featuring interactive guided imagery

    Fate is the cards you were dealt, destiny is the way you play them. Your life has taken shape according to DNA, your birth date, karma, home life, education, plus all the choices you've made until today.


    Tomorrow can be different.


    Some aspects of your life are working; others are not. Before applying your own success behaviors to problem areas, we'll initiate a basic operating system upgrade, switching out the core processor of knowledge for imagination.


    Following a thorough review of your current life status, we'll identify the most accessible pivot points for positive change and the problem areas to address. Using interactive guided imagery, we will create inner resources to support the development of new habits for living on purpose.



    What you receive with your Upgrade:

    • 50 minute phone session with interactive guided imagery
    • audio recording of the call
    • notes with recommendations via email
    • access to monthly live webinar for Q and A
    • homework assignment to develop new habits
    • O.S. guide and checklist
  • Crisis Prevention and Management

    Zero in on your most pressing challenge and apply the Streaming Process

    70 minute recorded phone session

    featuring interactive guided imagery

    When faced with an urgent challenge, time is of the essence. But when we are under the gun we can be pressured into bad decisions.


    Our first step is to fully analyze the situation and create a detailed vision for what you want. Then we use the four-step Streaming Process to address the situation with a strategy designed to disrupt existing programming and install new processes. This involves applying a unique time traveling technique for healing the core wounds involved.



    What you receive with the Crisis Program:

    • 50 minute phone session with interactive guided imagery
    • audio recording of the call
    • notes with recommendations via email
    • access to monthly live webinar for Q and A
    • homework assignment to apply solutions and develop new habits
    • O.S. guide and checklist
  • Mentoring

    Self-study Living on Purpose 101 program or mentored with live phone calls.

    Download materials or mentor by phone

    a two-month program of intensive study

    The Living on Purpose 101 program is based on my recent book, Now or Never: A Time Traveler's Guide to Personal and Global Transformation.


    The program offers step-by-step guidance that establishes an entirely new way of living (on purpose), complete with tools for every creating and healing need.


    Two versions are offered, a self-study program and live mentoring.


    SELF-STUDY PROGRAM – $350 ------------ LIVE MENTORING - $2,500

    What you receive with the Self-Study Program:

    • 81-page manual (snail mailed and emailed)
    • 12 audio programs (snail mailed and emailed)
    • access to monthly live webinar for Q and A
    • notes with recommendations via email
    • homework assignment to apply solutions and develop new habits
    • O.S. guide and checklist

    What you receive with the Personal Mentoring Program:

    • 8 60-minute phone sessions
    • audio recordings of the phone sessions
    • notes emailed for every session
    • 8 20-minute check-in phone sessions
    • unlimited text and email access
    • 81-page manual (snail mailed and emailed)
    • 12 audio programs (snail mailed and emailed)
    • access to monthly live webinar for Q and A
    • O.S. guide and checklist
  • Apprenticeship

    Personal mentoring over a six-month period

    Unlimited access

    For the serious student of life.

    "I welcome inquiries from those who have the resources (time, energy, and money) to fully devote themselves to upgrading their personal operating system, learning new habits for living on purpose, and becoming a transformational transmitter.


    "Fees are individually negotiated and set by clients, depending on ability to pay and value anticipated / gained. Two payments are made, one at the beginning and one at the end. Scholarships are available for younger people and package programs are available for couples and families.


    "Trainees receive everything provided in the other programs plus full access to unlimited phone sessions plus in-person meetings according to availability. Coach training is also available for those who would like to offer this same service to others. "


    "Please contact me in person via email. CONTACT

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