• Do you want to write a book?


    I've helped scores of aspiring writers finish and publish their first book in under a year.

    Will Wilkinson

    After a lifetime of professional writing, I finally have the time to help aspiring writers who can't afford the services of a ghost writer or editor. I can coach you through a process that will give you a self published book in hand inside a year for a very reasonable cost. To discuss the details email me here.

  • Success, happiness, meaning, and contribution

    are all helped or hindered by good communication skills.

    Writing is re-writing.

    Whether it's a one sentence email or a 300-page book, words we write cast spells that can change lives, starting with our own. Receive my weekly posts.

    Speaking is listening.

    From conversations to tv shows to live audiences, learning how to speak effectively is a must-have skill for anyone aspiring beyond mediocrity. 

  • If you have something important to communicate

    and need help, connect with me here.

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