• What's the essence of your communication?

    What pure gold is already present, ready to be revealed?

    How can what you write/say best help others and build community?



    I've contributed to 31 books, countless articles and blogs, and developed many educational courses. I can ghostwrite for you and/or teach you how to write inspiring content yourself, find your true voice, self-publish, and prepare for a book launch. Ready to write your autobiography? Let's dive into your history and weave the significant threads together into an irresistible inspiration for others.


    Coaching for Speakers

    I've been on stage and screen since childhood, first as an entertainer, then a personal development speaker and a trainer. I've given keynotes, conducted hundreds of live interviews, been interviewed on tv, radio, in podcasts, and teleconferences, officiated at weddings and funerals, moderated and MC'd conferences.


    Television Production

    As Program Director for a Canadian cable station for five years, I produced/directed/wrote/hosted hundreds of interview programs and collaborated on several documentaries for television. As Maui County Political Program Director for four years, I directed live TV coverage of all political meetings in Maui County.


    Self-Study and with Coaching

    Various training programs that I've created are available as self-study courses, complete with manuals and also with personal coaching support. Since writing Attunement With Life in 1984, I've taught, coached and mentored individuals in 8 countries to find their purpose and live it fully .



    On my 50th birthday a friend wrote and performed a song about my life, with a verse for every career. It was a long song! All that experience is available for highly engaged positive change makers who value the many benefits of having a mentor on retainer. Get the details here.

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