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Love Trumps Hate

Now is the time to be the answer...

It's science. It's math. It's the principle that changes everything.


In his breakthrough book, Power vs Force, Dr. David Hawkins presented his Map of Consciousness, developed over a 30-year period through testing thousands of subjects.


1,000 is Christ, Buddha, broadcasting a love frequency of personal transmission able to counter-balance all the negativity in the entire human species. The scale goes down to 20, his lowest rating, characterized by shame. In between, somewhere, is me... and you... all of us broadcasting our own particular frequency and either contributing to that counter balancing effect or needing help from others to balance us.


It's all about what we choose to express.


What's my choice, here in this age of legitimized hate; what's your choice? When Gandhi urged us to "be the change we wish to see in the world" there was no doubt about what to do, if we wanted to follow in his footsteps.


My theory? Millions of formerly loving individuals have become hateful. It's easy to hate these days... pick a target. But that lowers our energy. And, it has consequences. We see them every day now on the news, evidence that the balance is slipping, signs that balance has been disturbed.


Remember to love. This doesn't mean ignoring hate and it's progeny in our culture. We're all called to take a stand against hate. But, we can do that with love. And we can make sure that our default setting remains spot on... to be part of the answer for the world we inhabit.