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Something Wonderful

is Happening!

Something wonderful is happening.

This is always true. It’s also true that something horrible is always happening. What claims our attention?

D. H. Lawrence said: “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time and retain the ability to function.” Being vividly aware of what’s wonderful and what’s horrible about life on earth in 2020 - and remaining functional - is the challenge/opportunity of our lives.

Sadly, society programs us in the other direction, especially towards each other. “Polarization” is the modern term for one-sided, either-or thinking, a black and white mentality that demonizes those different from ourselves while hypocritically worshipping a God of impossible, irrational perfection.

Our rarely questioned belief in something superior to ourselves, whether we call it God or not, enslaves us under an oppressive cloud of suffocating disempowerment. Our personal God could be a religious deity, a guru, a celebrity, a politician, a mentor, our own ego, or just the concept of superiority itself. By whatever name, we are programmed to believe that we are “less than” someone/something else.

Every civilization has been built on the back of slave labor. This remains true today and most of us are 21st century slaves. Our free thinkers urge us to overthrow our “superiors,” in books like 1984, movies like The Matrix, political movements like Black Lives Matter, and websites that expose secret conspiracies of centuries old manipulation.

Who are our masters in 2020? We could point fingers at the multi-billionaires who own, run, and ruin the planet. But it’s reasonable to suspect that the real puppet masters do their dirty work in secret and that we may never know their names. So, what hope does any ordinary individual like you or me have to stand up to these invisible, rich, clever psychopaths? Do we really believe that voting will change things?

Yes it will and no it won’t. Here’s one example of the paradoxical intelligence Lawrence spoke of. It does make a difference who is elected so voting is important. But it doesn't solve the underlying problem, regardless of who wins the popularity contest and takes office.

The real problem represents an opportunity and it’s the best kept secret on the planet, a blockbuster of a news story that’s never made it to the front page and never will, a story of breath taking liberation into individual empowerment that is already beginning to fundamentally shift the balance of power on our planet.

Here’s the story. Millions of us have learned that we have the innate ability to create our future with the qualities we express. We’ve realized that our creativity cannot be limited by superiors, by lack of money or possessions or unfair laws or corrupt governments.

We have awakened to the secret of Love, that Love is the real currency we are exchanging with each other and Love is always free (regardless of what form it flows through – money, things, skills, etc.). True prosperity is a team game that results from giving and receiving and sharing with generous hearts, not from winning and accumulating. We can all win together.

This understanding and experience is spreading fast. The servant leadership movement it has incubated troubles our masters greatly because Gandhi proved it works. “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” he said, and look what happened in India.

Is this story - that individuals are powerful, that the qualities we express create our reality, that Love is the ultimate currency and no-one can own more of it than another – a story that our Machiavellian controllers wish to see widely publicized? Not a chance.

Whistleblowers leak information that exposes what’s really going on. This can be dangerous. Such brave individuals are often censured, fired, jailed, even killed. Remember, Christ was crucified. We can romanticize that story as a divine intervention to save humanity from eternal hellfire but the stark fact is that when this man exposed the hypocrisy of his day by challenging the ruling elite, when he stood strong in his own power and urged others to do likewise (“the things I do, you can do, and greater”), they got rid of him as quickly as they could.

No wonder we might be afraid to stand up, speak up, and act out. Look what happened to Joan of Arc and Martin Luther King and John Lennon? We’ve sung along with that song: “Only the good die young,” and we’ve heard that cynical warning: “No good deed goes unpunished.”

But not all of us are called to be whistleblowers, writing and speaking and making disruptive films. Most can just follow in the footsteps of the few: “Wake up, give and receive love unconditionally, devote yourself to creating the future with the qualities you express … pass it on.”

Here’s how easy that is.

Set your smart phone for noon every day and join others in pausing for a 60-second communion, an experience of 100% mindfulness, a transmission of light and power into human consciousness, a reminder that this incredible story of world-wide human awakening is non-fiction and the Age of Aquarius is more than a song!

Use those 60 seconds every day to interrupt yourself and remember what’s most important. Use those 60 seconds to experience your innate power to create, from the inside out, by silently expressing qualities you choose to build your future with. Like kindness and compassion and confidence and love. Use those 60 seconds to feel yourself belonging in this burgeoning Noon Club community, one global circle that’s connected with many others, all of us resonating together at noon in many time zones.

Meditators lowered the violent crime rate in Washington, DC by over 20% in 1993. Read the details here: What might we accomplish together with our noon club transmission in 2020 and the years beyond?

Set your phone for noon and spread the word, until there are enough of us transmitting this daily tsunami of disruptive blessing to wake up even those who dominate us. We aren’t holding our breath waiting for them to read enlightening books or watch revelatory films. They probably won’t suddenly care about climate change. And they certainly won’t join The Noon Club. But we may still reach them, with our stealthy alarm clock ringing in mass consciousness every day at noon.

We stand at a crossroads, individually and collectively. The ravaging of planet earth by the psychopaths behind the curtain has brought us to the brink of near-term human extinction. Simultaneously, you-me-we are waking up to claim our transformational power and transmit it. Who knows what green initiatives and social reformation this will inspire? Ultimately, we do need to act in the world, but in this fundamentally different way, expressed qualities first.

Share in the broadcast every day at noon. Join the cast in this epic story, happening right now on the planet where we live.

Could 2020 be the year we finally free ourselves from the ancient straight jacket of superiority, however it has shaped itself in our lives? No living being is above or below another; we all belong together in the web of life, respecting and loving each other unconditionally.

Something wonderful is happening.