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Study, Imagine, Create

TMI! We all know the feeling: way too much information, coming at us like a fire hose. And, worst of all, it’s often GREAT information that we really want to remember. Good luck! 

So, a solution, the Imagifi Communication Solution. It’s a three part learning formula: 1. Study, 2. Imagine, 3. Create. 

  1. Study
  2. . OK. We read, we watch, we listen. Very quickly, we reach capacity. Then we start to phase out and nothing gets retained. The simple fix? Less data. So, we stop when we are full, just like we do at the dinner table.
  3. Imagine. 
  4. Now we create a simulation, imagining what it would be like to apply what we just studied to a real life situation. How does it feel? We learn to craft a present-time, totally realistic simulation.
  5. Create.

 Now we practice what we are learning by adopting a simple new habit and repeating it until it becomes installed as another automatic program. 

There, I think that’s enough for now. For more details go here where all the material – book, videos, online training course, audios, is formatted this way.