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We can bring it.


Without hope, life is not worth living.

But where does hope come from? If it’s the circumstances and from our interactions with other people then having hope is out of our hands. It becomes “aspirational,” something we hope will happen.

We hope that we will feel hopeful!

That’s not very comforting. It’s disempowering, in fact. Here’s what works better: transmit hope. How do you do that? Rather than getting into the philosophy behind this, here’s a simple first step, in fact, three of them:

  1. Set a smart phone alert for noon every day.
  2. When it chimes, stop whatever you are doing (of course, be sensible… if you’re driving or operating any kind of heavy machinery or engaged publicly somehow).
  3. Close your eyes (again… use common sense) and repeat these words silently to yourself:

This is the moment and I am creating the future with love.

New habits take months to fully integrate. Start today, repeat tomorrow, etc. You’ll find this works like a mini-meditation, it will calm you down and bring you hope. It’s a different kind of hope, based on something you are choosing to do. You’re empowered.

There’s good science on entrainment and field effects that confirm this exerts a tangible influence beyond us, particularly on those closest to us. We’ll get to that in later weekly updates (I’m back… took a few months off from blogging to sort some business stuff, news on that as it’s ready), but for now, make this about you and the benefits it will bring you.

There is hope. And we can bring it!