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This is the Moment

Join the Noon Club

Last night my wife and I watched an amazing movie, The Good Lie, based on true events with refugees in the Sudan. It was a heart-breaking story that sure put our lives into perspective!

It’s easy to take our blessings for granted – food, shelter, safety, family – until we’re exposed to how challenged others are. The fact is that anyone reading this is within the very top .1% of the population in terms of wealth and comfort.

There’s a saying: to whom much is given, much is expected.

If we’ve been given a lot, and we have, what might be expected of us? Another way to look at this question is to ask: “What should we be doing with our lives, given that we’re not involved in a day to day life and death struggle?”

To answer that properly, we need to acknowledge that it’s easy to slide into survival mode and to actually believe that our day to day routine is a struggle, and so overwhelming that we have no time for anything else. That’s a powerful illusion, sustained by a mainstream media that incessantly casts heroes and villains and convinces us that we are powerless victims.

The first thing I suggest we do is interrupt this addictive, delusional state by affirming our power to express ourselves. We may be limited by circumstances, resources, and skills, but the attitude we choose is entirely up to us. You and I can choose to be grateful, for instance. Not just in our heads (imagination) but in how we think, talk, and act (real life).

I recommend this one simple action to empower ourselves: Join the Noon Club.

I encountered this initiative back in the 80’s. They’ve since disappeared without an on-line trace. I’ve revived their idea and the invitation is simple: set your phone alert for noon each day. When the chime sounds, interrupt whatever you are doing for a mini meditation. You might say these words to yourself:

“This is the moment and I am building the future with love.”

Soldiers always break rank when they march across a bridge because if they continued in step the resonance would set up a powerful energetic wave that could bring down the bridge (guess how they learned this could happen?) That’s the same principle at work with our noon transmission, except in a positive way.

Yes, our global “business-as-usual,” environment and species destroying lifestyle needs to change … but how? I offer this is as a simple but powerful way to change frequencies, 10 seconds at a time. Join the Noon Club, become part of an empowered transmission every day at noon. Let’s find out if what we express can eventually help to shift consciousness, a la The Hundredth Monkey Effect.

This is the moment.