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It's transmission time.

I began my book Now or Never with the evocative phrase: "Something wonderful is happening."

The positive "spelling" began right there, on page one. This disrupts the "business as usual" paradigm of identifying problems and proposing solutions. That works... to sustain the world that kind of thinking has created.

Einstein advised that we can't use the same thinking we used to create our problems to solve them. The new thinking we need starts with a positive vision.

Right now our future is being envisioned for us. Count the sci-fi movies that present an inevitable dystopian future. Mad Max won the Oscar one year, a truly horrible prediction. This year La La Land almost won, swinging the pendulum from gloom and doom to puffy distraction.

Here's an idea: think differently!

Create a positive frame... start there. Instead of mulling over problems in a Mr Fix It mindset, acknowledge that we already have a precedent of success to guide us: nature!

Nature represents a different kind of thinking, wouldn't you say?

So, the simple take away from this blog – connect with nature. See if you can regain your sanity through exposure to a sane world!