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60 seconds every day ... exploring the power of prayer.

Every one of us is unique in some ways, similar in many others. Life is meant to be about developing our potential, loving and co-creating with others, discovering, fulfilling, and enjoying our purpose for being here. 


Disempowering education, immature role modelling, and predatory leadership have distracted us from these universal priorities. The nagging pressure to “make a living” plus the unrelenting assault of mass media messages that pit us against each other, have created a global population of spectators/victims, unconsciously resigned to a bleak future.


Meanwhile, against the backdrop of intensifying global chaos, an “awakening impulse” has been activated in many millions of us, igniting conscious awareness of the urgency of these times and a question: “What can I do to help?”


A tougher and more important question is, “What have I done to worsen the problem?” 


The engineered outcome of the 2016 U.S. federal election officially marked an evolutionary detour for humanity, initiating a chapter of fear, hostility, and divisiveness in America and far beyond. Confronted with the crude, adolescent behavior of a President, spineless support from power addicted political leaders, and a well prepared media machine intent on delivering 24/7 soap opera propaganda designed to seduce us further into “the dark side,” millions of us have fallen.  


Because of this, the energetic balance in our species has been destabilized. In his book, Power vs Force, Dr. David Hawkins details how every human expressing a positive, loving spirit neutralizes the influence of many hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of negative, hateful individuals.


Today, millions of previously gracious, loving individuals have been enrolled in madness. They, or perhaps we, now hate the President and rage against a rigged system. Self-righteousness doesn’t alter the frequency of our personal energetic broadcasts, be they loving or hateful. We witness the reflection as escalating “terrorism” of various kinds. As within, so without.


It is extremely urgent that “we” come to our senses immediatley and regain our personal center (for instance, stop gossiping about “them”). Additionally, we must intensify our positive broadcast. 

The simplest way to do this is to join The Noon Club, an initiative from the 80’s that I’ ve revived. 


Set your smart phone for noon every day. When the alert sounds, interrupt your routine for a moment of prayer, whatever works for you. I use this simple declaration: 


This is the moment,
and I am building
the future with love.


Soldiers always break step when they cross a bridge because marching in formation develops an energetic wave that could bring down the structure. It’s happened. So, what might our synchronized broadcast destroy; what might it create? Could we shift consciousness itself, particularly to support the millions of us who are awakening right now? 


I’ve discerned four non-sequential steps in our awakening process:


 Prepare: Acknowledge that disruptive climate change will produce escalating social chaos in our lifetime and adopt a strategy of “sustainable retreat.”


 Dream: Almost every sci-fi film predicts a dystopian future. Visualize a bright alternative.


 Commit: Make the most of this lifetime and assume you’re coming back to finish your work.


 Transmit: Focus your “micro force.” Start at noon and expand your broadcast schedule to include day dreaming, waiting for software to load, a stop light to change, etc.


Gandhi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Your choice to be a lover or a hater will help determine the kind of future we leave for our great grandchildren. 


Can we become 77 million strong by May 1, 2025, to trigger a tipping point in consciousness? That’s the challenge I’ve embraced .... and my invitation.


It’s now or never on planet earth and we are the leaders we’ve been waiting for. BTW, you don’t have to believe all this. Just be nicer. Be the change.