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New book drops

The second edition of Now or Never is available.

Authors love receiving their new book.


Mine just arrived, yahoo. I started the edit in New Zealand during our February tour. Those who've read the first edition will find this upgrade streamlined and focused. The abundance of practices have been concentrated into seven.


But this is a blog, not an advertisement. I want to write for a moment about devotion. Challenging word. It conjures up images of nuns and poor people. But all of us are devoted to something all the time. Right now I'm devoted to writing this blog, you're devoted to reading it.


Something claims our attention in every moment ... but not always our intention. In fact, we can be unconsciously devoted to counter productive behaviours and waste an hour, a day... a life time.


In the book I advocate connecting with nature, not to reduce stress but to reduce insanity. Humans have disconnected from the natural world to such an extent that loneliness has become a global epidemic. This in a world more connected via technology than at any time in our past.


Something is wrong with this picture.


So, my simple message in this blog is to re-connect. Stroll the park, hike through a forest, meditate by a stream. Nature is everywhere, after all, even in a big city. You may need to be inventive but that's a good investment in your sanity.


And pick up a copy of the new edition... and then let me know what you think.