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Will humanity survive?

Probably not.

Yikes. Could this be true? There's another option.

Adventures in the Quantum Field

"I am made to love the pond and meadow,
as the wind is made to ripple the water."

~ Henry David Thoreau


Will Humans Survive? Probably Not.

Yikes. Is that realistic? The brave amongst us have done our research and take the question seriously.
But, take heart, survival is not the only option; we could thrive. What’s the difference between surviving and thriving? Surviving clings to what worked in the past (but is no longer working); thriving is fuelled by whatever is creating the future.
Clearly, humanity 1.0 is obsolete. This “model” is characterized by a blatant disregard for our home environment. That neglect now threatens our survival. More than an upgrade is needed; humanity needs an entirely new operating system. Except, there’s nothing new about it.
The “new” system that could save us is on display … in nature. After all, nature has been functioning successfully for billions of years, deftly adapting to every kind of catastrophe on every scale. I’m talking asteroids, ice ages, etc. So, how might we join the party, that is, learn how to function the way nature does?
Henry David Thoreaux wrote, “I am made to love the pond and meadow, as the wind is made to ripple the water. Study his words carefully. What does it mean to be “made to love?” This is an active state. And what are we made to love? Nature.
Loving nature would represent a new human operating system, wouldn’t you agree? Love is different than management. Imagine your primary romantic relationship being about management; the glow would fade pretty soon and, with it, the relationship. So, what’s needed is a loving relationship with nature, not better management. Notice, in your relationship, when love is present, everything else seems to work out. Without love … not so much.
Here’s our priority then, for thriving beyond survival, to re-engage with nature and develop a loving relationship. That starts like all relationships do, with getting to know each other. So, if you’re concerned about the plight of humanity (which means, yourself and your family), take a first simple step by connecting with nature this way.
I find that touch works best. So, when I walk in the woods, as I do every day – because I am fortunate to live in a forest – I make sure to stay focused on where I am, rather than get lost in thoughts about work, etc. I feel the contact my shoes are making with the earth. I feel the wind on my face. I watch the trees swaying. I pause to touch one; sometimes I talk to it. Just small talk, the way we often do on first dates. Intimacy takes time to develop.
Will humanity survive in our current form? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean we’re done. We can transform. What would that look like? Let’s find out.

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