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Now or Never in New Zealand

Book tour down under

On February 2 my wife and I fly to Auckland. I'll offer two evening introductions then a full weekend workshop based on my book, Now or Never. The invite comes from a small group who have been studying the book for months now.

Obviously, we're thrilled. I've been to New Zealand three times, the last time in 1992 for another book tour on an earlier volume, Attunement with Life. Much has changed since then, especially in my life.

I wanted to write a word about generosity. The folks down under have been extremely kind with this offer, bringing my wife down on their dime and really opening up their homes, hearts, and network of friends to us. That's remarkable and we're very grateful.

This is how the new economy works, on reciprocating no-strings-attached giving. My wife told me something today that's a great example of this. She has been enjoying acupuncture treatments from a local doctor. When she learned the doctor was heading out of town for several weeks, my wife offered to care for her plants (she used to have an indoor plant business in Colorado).

The doctor was thrilled and now they are exchanging ongoing plant care for treatments. Neither of them have bothered to translate their efforts into dollars. Each gives to the other and it feels fair.

Here's an alternative to the money system which is based on obligation and debt. A practical suggestion: find as many opportunities as you can to exchange rather than buy and sell. You'll be surprised how many of your friends would be keen to do this.

Six years ago and friend and I started a Time Bank here in Ashland, Oregon. We now have almost 500 members and trading happens every day... not for money but for hours. There are thousands of systems like this all over the world and literally millions of neighbors trading with each other in a spirit of generous abundance. Just think, this is what nature is doing all the time!

Be generous yourself and receive what others offer you with appreciation. This is the foundation that we can build a new world upon!