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What if this is it?

Inspirational and Motivational Essays

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Do you ever feel like this?

So many choices, so many possibilities, so much potential to screw up. Should you go out on another date, hire that baby sitter, take that promotion, buy or sell that stock?

It's a confusing world. What do you use for a compass to help you decide? Most people don't really have one.

Meanwhile, most of us know... that we should know. We've done it before, make an intuitive decision that was awesome... the positive repercussions reverberated through our lives for years. And, we also blew it more than a few times. Remember how that felt. You may have ignored that same intuition.

Ironically, paradoxically, the key to good decision making is to accept every possibility as the right one. "This is it!" becomes your automatic response. That doesn't mean that you try to take every road that presents itself. You just welcome every opportunity. You shed your judgment and, in that moment, some kind of intuitive wisdom kicks in.

You have genius in you. You can access extraordinary wisdom and guidance. But it all starts with unconditional acceptance.